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PIAVE is the premium kitchenware brand of
River Group in Italy.
River Group is the Italian kitchenware brand that leads the Italian kitchen appliances market with its cutting-edge Dylon roller coating technology, producing 25,000,000 pieces of non-stick coating products annually and developing new designs.


Since River Group established its kitchenware manufacturing plant in southern region of Milan, Italy in 1983, the company has expanded its manufacturing facilities and acquired sophisticated manufacturing equipment in response to the exponential growth in market demand.

In 1995, River Group built a large-scale manufacturing plant in Picenza, and, ever since, it has continued to enhance its kitchenware manufacturing philosophy through continued research and innovation, improvement in manufacturing facilities and development of innovative new coating materials.


Dylon Coating
Dylon coating is the approved and innovative PTFE non-stick coating system that has passed the Italian environmental safety tests, without using any PFOA (endocrine-disrupting chemicals). Dylon coating enables vivid color expression including silk screen coating and has the following features that are intended to help manufacture exquisite and sophisticated frying pans.
Roller coating System
Roller coating system uses rollers in applying non-stick coating to pretreated aluminum disc, and it employs the state-of-the-art coating method that enables a consistent coating thickness and a superior coating adhesion compared to the existing spray coating method and that enhances durability and performance of non-stick coatings, thereby producing high-quality products.
Spray coating System
PIAVE’s product line employing the spray method is manufactured in an automated line that uses cutting-edge spray guns. This method is applied to aluminum, metal alloy and casting coatings, and various pretreatment processes including chemical cleaning and sanding are carried out in an automated line. PIAVE’s automated spray coating line allows manufacturing of products that meet the high-quality standards of PIAVE.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is one of the basic business philosophies of River Group. River Group’s production line is equipped with the state-of-the-art thermal management and pollution purifying systems, which are in operation to save energy and minimize pollutants emitted from the manufacturing process. The entire production line is monitored every three minutes using the monitoring system that controls the production environment inside and outside of the plants to ensure safety and welfare of workers.