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What is the proper way to wash kitchenware after using them for cooking?
-Wash them with a sponge soaked with neutral detergent, and make sure to let them dry before storing.


Can I wash them in the dishwasher?
Do not wash pot handles, rubber material, glass lids, aluminum frying pans and pots in the dishwasher. Washing and drying at a high temperature poses a risk of damaging such products. Frying pans and pots with aluminum coatings may suffer corrosion if they are washed with strong detergent. Thus, please wash them with eco-friendly detergent.


The inner bottom of the pot turned into a rainbow color after being used for cooking!
Mineralization in tap water or water from the ion purifier may cause the pot to to turn into a rainbow color. The rainbow color effect is harmless to human body and does not have any direct impact on food. Put the apple peel, pieces of lemon or vinegar in the pot and boil it for a while, and the rainbow color effect will be mitigated.


Is there any precaution to take for using them on an induction cooktop?
Please use induction-specific cookware, and use them with the silicon pads for induction cooktops on the bottom in order to prevent the rough surface of the products’ outer bottom from causing damage, such as scratch, on tempered glass surface of the stove or on the table.


What is efflorescence?

Efflorescence refers to the phenomenon where potassium or magnesium in the burn mark area around burners of the electric or induction stove, or in water and food on the bottom of pots or pans, is crystallized due to high heat. When you see efflorescence, remove the crystallized parts using the induction-specific detergent and a scrapper.


Where can I receive after-sales services for the products?

Please make a request to or contact the store where you purchased the products, and they will respond to your request as soon as possible.
Product Inquiry: +82 32-815-2525